Staking / Coaching

Click below to check out my staking page on Two Plus Two:

Offering staking / coaching from 50-2000 NL Holdem and Omaha HU, 6m, and FR

Staking Testimonials

“I would not want to be staked for cash games by anyone other then Jim. His personality, constant availability and knowledge about the game both on and off the felt is unmatched. He gives me the financial freedom I so desperately needed to play my top game, offers stakes on all the top sites, and is very fair with the terms of the deal. He helped develop my game from a small winner to a crusher while keeping a stable mindset during downswings. I could bankroll myself right now, but would rather give up some profits to keep a good backing relationship for the future. Jim is very calm and helps you understand things logically from bankroll management, to taking shots to hand histories. Jim and I talk almost everyday and not always about poker, I don’t see him really as a backer anymore, but a friend. I highly recommend Jim to anyone that wants to improve their game, no longer playing in fear with your own money and build a great bond with a Professional Super Nova Elite Player.”

– Greg “Xorc1st
Cardrunners Rush Poker Pro and Black Chip Poker Team Pro

“Jimmy is awesome. I’ve been staked by Jimmy for over a year without a single hitch, and not only is he my staker, but one of my best friends in poker. Although his worth ethic is unmatched, even greater than that is his generosity and understanding. He’s been behind me 100% even through the most brutal downswings and tilt sessions. He’s taken me from being a card player with talent to a professional poker player with all the tools I need to be successful in, and out, of the poker world”

– Derek “AbstraktPB” Dunifer
Ultimate Grinder Winner 600nl Jan 2011

“Jim is simply the nuts. I’ve had numerous [staking] deals with this fine individual and everything has always gone perfect. His notorious work ethic is seemingly unmatchable, and he’s one of the few people in the poker world that you want in your corner. He once threatened to fly across the country to unplug my router during a session where I proclaimed I was giving away my roll, whereas most others were simply happy to accept the donations.”

– Daniel “notontilt09” Weinman
Supernova Elite Cash Grinder and Live MTT pro

“I know Zep for over a year and he’s been one of the most supportive person I’ve met through poker. Before actually working with him, I had no idea how much my poker lacked of effeciancy. Jim learned me how to see in poker a multitude of money making opportunities. Jim knows modern online poker, where money is to be made and will help you, not only financially but also emotionally to reach your goal.”

– Robin “ADZ122” Chesne


9 Responses to Staking / Coaching

  1. MermaidMurder says:

    Any chance you have started to this on merge or cake?

  2. chr i n n says:

    I’m unable to send pms on 2+2. Email me if your interested in a staking arrangement.

  3. Frank says:

    Are you taking in any more players for staking ?

  4. samlim says:

    Hi,interesting about the coaching/staking.Hope can talk more details on it.

  5. chris says:

    Sorry man. I assumed if I filled it out below you could see it.


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