Life Changes

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last blog post. This is due to a lot of changes in my personal and professional life that have taken up a lot of time since mid-summer when I last posted.

I’ll start by talking a little about work, where the biggest changes have happened. In September, my boss pulled our 15-man team into a conference room to tell us that our trading group, the source of my employment since graduating college 6 years ago, was going to be shut down within a month. It was very unclear what was going to happen, and it remained that way for several weeks. Most got let go, while a few people were kept to form new teams from the talented individuals that remained. For me, this was a bit of a relief but also pretty stressful. I was very frustrated with my job and had been for a long time so the ability to move on and have the main source of stress removed from my life was a plus. At the same time, I am under agreement to stay with the company for two years because of my tuition reimbursement agreement, which made me feel a little tied down in my options going forward. Despite this fact, I decided to look around a little. I talked with several trading groups, but never really found anything that interested me. The more I looked, the less I wanted to leave, and the more I realized how many things I love about the place I work. To name a few:

  1. I live five blocks from my office and walk to work in 10 minutes.
  2. There is a gym and a cafeteria with great food right off the floor the trading groups sit on in my office.
  3. My job is very flexible and pretty fun.
  4. I have made a name for myself here

The list goes on, but these are the main factors that kept running through my head. In the end, I decided to stay. I am now working as an analyst for a HFT equity prop shop. I’m doing a little DBA work and operations / systems admin work a little too, especially as we set up the new group, but I think most of my work will involve model analysis going forward which should be interesting. Here’s a pic of my new setup at work. I’m really digging the vertical monitors in the middle for coding thus far.


On the poker front, I had a pretty long hiatus after the WSOP. I grinded a decent amount on Lock and made a few stacks at the small stakes 6m tables for fun. I ended up quitting about a month or so ago because the funds started trading too low in the HSNL transfer thread, so I ended up selling my bankroll at $0.80 on the dollar. Obviously that sucked but after black Friday my tolerance for having bankrolls disappear has gone down a lot. So I went a month or so without playing until the WSOPC came to Hammond Indiana where I frequent for live cash play. I don’t go that often because I don’t really like to play lower than 10/20 live and that doesn’t run too much at that casino. I went there and saw a bunch of my buddies from out of town there which was fun. What was even more fun was playing the 10/20 PLO game. The swings were sick, and the action was even sicker. There were three pretty massive whales in my game. I actually ended up leaving two of the best live games I have ever sat in from being really tilted from losing some massive pots, but that’s PLO.

Other than that not too much is new in the poker playing world. I started actively seeking stakes after the WSOP, and that has been going quite well. I really missed the excitement of constantly having horses playing for me. It’s like having a portfolio of high yield bonds, only you can talk to the CEO and COO of the company and tell them what they’re doing wrong.






The rest of my time has been spent taking trips and improving my condo. This summer I went to Detroit and other places in Michigan several times, Pittsburgh, Vegas, Cincinnati, Nashville, Toronto and Niagara Falls. Throw in a weekend of Lollapalooza and every Bears home game and I’ve been a busy man of late. I’ll try to post some cool pics from this summer sometime soon. I have some really cool videos and trip reports that could make for a good read so I’ll try to post that soon.


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