My Favorite and Most Interesting Hands from the 2012 WSOP Trip

So in grinding over a hundred hours in 9 days in Vegas for the WSOP, I played a lot of really fun and interesting hands. Deep stack poker leads to spots you don’t see often online, and two interesting spots occurred from fish being fish doing things I’ve never even heard of before. I’ll start with two funny hands from the trip and link to the strategy threads I created as well.

Funny Hand 1:

10/25 at the Wynn night 1. It’s getting pretty late and I have to play the 10k 6m the next night. I’m up close to 10k and there are no tough seats at the table so I’m not doing anything too crazy, just picking good spots and trying to play pots with the two weak players at the table. I get AdTs in late position and open to 75 which was my standard. I get one call from the BB who is a fish who hardly speaks English. We’re about $15,000 deep. Flop comes JdTd9d. I flop middle pair and the nut flush draw. He checks and I bet 100, he instantly minraises to $200. I call pretty quickly praying to hit b/c this guy obviously has a huge hand and is never folding no matter what comes. turn is a blank 4s. He leads $400. I call pretty quickly and this is where it gets awesome. I throw the chips in the pot. This guy slams his KQo (no diamond) on the table thinking the hand is over LOL. The whole table exchanges looks with each other, some laughing, some in shock, but no one says anything. The dealer remains silent and professional as he burns a card and turns up the river. It’s a 6d! As the dealer is turning up the river the guy realizes that there is still another street to play! His pain is visible, not only is his hand face up, but the four-flush just came in and I know what he has! He starts cursing to himself. I try to keep a straight face, but I look at a couple regs and I can’t help but laugh. I think for about 20 seconds and bet $800. This guy hates himself, curses for about 40 seconds, and eventually calls. I flip up my hand, still laughing. The whole table laughs, and talks about whether or not it’s a call considering that I know his hand. I’m not sure if it’s a call or not but it’s 100% hilarious.

Funny Hand #2:

The game is 10/20/40 at the Aria. Table is playing pretty tight. I open AQo under the gun to 140 and get 4-5 callers before action gets to the the BB. He thinks for about 20 seconds and slides a mountain of the smallest denomination chips into the middle raising to $1000. He’s about 8k deep and has been playing super tight and hasn’t shown down a single hand that wasn’t a monster. I unhappily fold my AQ and it folds around to the CO who is a huge fish sitting with about 1200 bucks. He FLATS the $1000 raise and leaves under 300 behind. Everyone looks around with a “wtf is he doing” look and watches the KsJs4c flop be laid down. With almost $3000 in the pot and $300 effective stacks, we all assume the small blind who made it $1000 to go will jam, but instead he says in broken English “I want to see your hand, I want to see what you call with” and checks. The fish checks quickly. The turn is a blank 5d, again the SB says “I want to see your hand” as he checks quickly again, the fish follows suit and checks back a second time. The river is yet another blank 4h, this time the SB does not speak, but instead quickly bets $300. The fish folds quickly. I look at him and say “I thought you wanted to see his hand”. He JUMPS out of his seat and tables the 93 offsuit! The table ERUPTS!

Okay think about this for a second, because only after you think about it can you truly appreciate how amazing the SB’s play is. For one, he has zero fold equity and he has 9 high with no draw and he’ll be betting 300 into 3000. He can’t jam because the fish is never folding ANYTHING, so he has to try to get to the river when he can then bluff knowing the fish won’t call hoping to catch up with cards to come. He somehow thinks to say “I want to see your hand” as he checks. I would never think of that, and it’s pure genius. When he gets to the river, his story doesn’t check out but it doesn’t matter because the fish won’t pick up on it and probably has nothing, although its probably nothing that beats 9 high. The fish actually flopped a straight draw and whiffed. This hand is probably the most amazing hand I’ve ever seen. I have never even heard of anything like this. The table was so much fun after that, and we talked about it for 10 minutes straight, about how genius what the SB did was and how amazing he thought of that on the fly. Truly amazing display of psychological warfare.

Strategy Hand #1:

10/20/40 KK in big pot in tough spot

Strategy Hand #2:

10/20/40 KK multiway facing heat on turn

Strategy Hand #3:

10/20 Hero missed the world but wants to bruff

Strategy Hand #4:

10/20/40 2nd nuts in limped pot lots of action

As you can see, this trip was filled with tons of funny, interesting, and tough spots. I hope you enjoy reading and thinking about them.


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  1. Just read your post in 2+2. Sick stuff. wp.

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