Tom Dwan arrives in Vegas, massive action ensues

About two days ago, a post was made in the NVG section of 2+2. The post was titled “Tom Dwan Arrives in Vegas” with the post stating “fanboys unite”. No other information was given in the thread, because one poster posted a gif and the thread instantly turned into a hilarious dif dump thread. My favorites:

Now, three days later, there is a massive game running with a million dollar minimum buyin, $2,000/$4,000 blinds with $8,000 straddle, and a WAITING LIST to boot. Frank Kasella tweeted early morning today:

Frank Kassela ‏@fkassela
Million dollar buy-in No Limit Holdem game @ariapoker at $2k/$4kblinds with $8k straddle and theres a list long   enough to start 2nd game WTF







I’m not sure who is in this game, noone is, but it’s pretty easy to guess. Phil Ivey, Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Guy LaLiberte, and Sam Trickett are very likely candidates. John Juanda is almost definitely playing because he tweeted yesterday that he is playing in a game that could potentially bust him. It is also very likely that when Tom Dwan arrived he brought several mega robusto Chinese businessmen with him from the nosebleed games he regularly plays in Macau, but as of right now that is all speculation.


I will update this post when more information comes, but as of right now it’s the biggest game that has run in Vegas in years.








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